Introducing the MiScore APP

Posted on: 31 March

Strathfield Golf Club has purchased the new MiScore App. Members can now download, subscribe and use it at our club for free!

(Note: a charge may apply if you use the MiScore App at another course so best check how the App has been setup by your home club)

Download the App from here now

Get up to speed on the app before your golf rounds and watch the full how-to video on the MiScore App Click Here.

Setup Tips:

  • Download the MiScore App. (link above)
  • Upon opening the MiScore App you will be prompted to verify your identity and register an account through the App.
  • Then search and add your home club.

Operating Tips:

  • On the day of competition you will need to register for the competition through your Pro-Shop. Advise that you will be using the MiScore App to score today.
  • Open the MiScore App and select your club.
  • The MiScore App will prompt you to select competition / social play and login. (your login details are the the same as the members area of Strathfield Golf Club web site)
  • Add your playing partners and start scoring.

Make sure your phone is fully charged or bring along some backup power.

The MiScore App uses the GPS in your phone to measure distance to pin so can use up a bit of your battery. Here are some Handy Tips to save battery life

  • Close down other background applications
  • Switch to Low Battery mode
  • Use a phone holder on your buggy


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