Head professional

Mark Reeve

Great Ideas for presents

Struggling to find the right present for someone who has everything? Well what better present than to help improve a person’s golf game by purchasing golf lessons with our Teaching professional Mark Reeve. Mark has had an extremely successful year on the teaching range and continues to make an impact by focusing on your short game, on-course lessons and private one-on-one lessons.

Now is great time to get out and improve your golf. So why not get some lessons and play better. Mark will be continuing his 4 for the price of 3 x 1/2 hour package for $180  and the hour package for $285 a perfect present. He also does single private lessons which are $60 for half hour or $95 for an hour. For further information or to purchase a gift voucher please contact Mark Reeve on 0404 381 200 or via email mreeve@strathfieldgolf.com.au

Lesson Packages

Due to the success of the 4 lessons for the price of 3 offer we have decided to extend this offer until further notice.

If you wish to book a lesson please call the Pro Shop or Mark Reeve on 0404381200.

The new practice facility is completed and Mark will be using this area (weather permitting) for short game lessons and clinics.

 You can phone the office or proshop on 9642 0326, phone my mobile on 0404 381 200 or email me at mreeve@strathfieldgolf.com.au to make a booking.

Junior And Cadet Programme

Clinics will be held at the same time every Saturday on the practice range and will accommodate juniors of all standards. Boys and girls are both welcome and should be between the ages of 10-17 and are not required to be a member of the club to enter the programme. Clinics will be conducted by our Director of Golf Mark Reeve who is a AAA Accredited Golf Coaching Professional.

Juniors will be taught set up, wood and iron play, bunker play and, putting as well as golf etiquette and instruction in the rules of golf. Once juniors reach an acceptable standard they will be taken on the course for mini 3 and 6 hole competitions until they reach the stage of being able to participate in a full members competition.

The clinics are available to all juniors and cadets no matter whether they are “never evers” or have played a little golf. We are able to provide clubs for juniors who do not yet have clubs of their own. Joggers are acceptable if you do not have golf shoes.

We intend running school holiday clinics and competitions as the players progress through the year.

If you are interested in making a booking or require further information please contact Mark Reeve on 0404 381 200.

Golf Tips

The best putters seem to be able to will the ball in the hole.

The difference between a good or bad round for many golfers is proper execution of the short game and putting in particular.

Use a methodical approach to putting practice and reap the benefits by obtaining

  • Positive confident attitude.
  • Proper mechanics.
  • Practice … lots of it.
  • Perfect your feel when mechanics become second nature.
  • Positive confident attitude.
  • Putting scared doesn’t work.
  • Remaining positive when they don’t fall is a requirement.
  • Convincing yourself and confidently executing the shot is the ticket.

The mental approach we talked about related to golf shots in general apply here too.  If you somehow convince yourself that the putts won’t fall … they won’t. 

Proper mechanics

The putting stroke is performed using the shoulders. No wrist. No hands.

Your head must not move. Your eyes should be lined up with the ball vertically (eyes over the ball).

Make equal length back and forward strokes. Increase the length of the equal stroke as the length of the putt increases.

Practice And lots of it

Begin by putting in a flat area about 3 feet away. If you have trouble sinking a decent number at 3 feet then move to 2 feet.  Concentrate on a smooth even stroke that has equal backswing and frontswing length.

The shoulders move the putter. You practice picking the speed and line that you visualize in the pre shot routine and then execute the stroke to make it happen.

Move back in increments of 1/2 foot as your confidence (and results) improve until you feel good about flat putts from decent distances.

Practicing putts that curve will require better visualization than flat putts. Pointing the blade at a target and concentrating on the speed is somewhat easier than picking an arc combined with the speed to sink the putt and keep misses close to the hole.

Practice uphill putts and putts that hook into the hole first (break left for righthander / break right for lefthander).  Achieve the same comfort zone you feel with flat putts.

Work on downhill putts and putts that slice away from you last.

Perfect your feel when mechanics become second nature.

Remember the discussion earlier about positive confidence.

Once the mechanics are good, you have enough comfort with your ability, and have practiced efficiently, you will develop the ability to feel the putt instead of making decisions and executing mechanical strokes.

Feeling putts into the hole works better than mechanically executing estimated strokes.  People that make it through this transition really get substantial long term results.